Service concept

VANKOR sticks to the noble soul -- art boutique route, it melts into the fast pace of modern life through its spread to more than 30 countries and regions, more than 5,000 stores. Let people feel the watch's elegance which is described by the art.

The life of Brand is to explore continuously. VANKOR keeps the pace with the development trend and pursues unremittingly. It provides customers with exalted experience and is committed to creating perfect of the goods by its innovation, brand optimization and courteous service mission.

International warranty rules

You purchase the Swiss VANKOR watch , The VANKOR dealers around the world provides twelve (12) months warranty service. The following provisions are the warranty rules.

* Warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase. Recongnised dealer by VANKOR Watch should fill out the international warranty card correctly, so that the warranty shall take effect.

* The following does not belong to the manufacturer's warranty scope:
  -- Cell, Watch crown, Watch strap.
  -- The damage caused by improper handling, carelessly, accident, or wearing incorrectly.
  -- Indirect losses caused by perhaps the problem of wrist watch, application method, problems such as inaccurate or failure.

* When the problem of your VANKOR watch belong to the warranty scope. VANKOR's factory will be responsible for free maintenance.
As for obtaining the damage compensation, withdrawing the purchase agreement, the refund or return request from VANKOR's factory, they will be not accepted. The retailers who have purchases watches will fulfil alone the warranty card outside commitments for customers.


* If any person who is unauthorized by VANKOR WATCH or their representatives provides repair the watch or maintenance services for you, this warranty is invalid.


* If you want to have the warranty within the scope of services, you should go to VANKOR distributors or repair centers from booklet listed with the completed international warranty card.

* After warranty service is completed, VANKOR's distributors or repair centers may charge for the postal fee and insurance.

* After the expiration of warranty period , if you only pay the reasonable charge, VANKOR's dealers and service centers are willing to help you repair watches.

The above guarantee of Manufacturers is no doubt the rights or any other legal rights which the buyer have.