Maintenance and Repair

Every Swiss VANKOR watch have to undergo the rigorous testing and calibration of all including travel time test, waterproof test, the standard impact test and so on.

But your VANKOR watch should be checked and maintained regularly like other precision meter . Please go to VANKOR agent for regular maintenance inspection with your watch every two years.


The water-resistance may be affected after the strong collision of the watch wrist. So if you plan to havve a diving trip, you should go to the agency for inspection of the watch's water-resistance . if the watchcase has been opened, you should go to the agency to check the water-resistance of the watchcase , the surface of glass and the watch button . if it was confirmed damage, you should ask to replace it immediately.

The Best Guarantee

In order to ensure the correctness of your operation, you must carry your VANKOR watch regularly to go to special agents for inspection, maintenance and service.