Why will not the automatic watch go?

Firstly we introduce what the automatic mechanical watch is. It runs by the automatic function of the automatic tourbillon winding up to any direction . You can image that if the watch is worn on the hand, the automatic mechanical watch will generate energy with the arm movement. General automatic watches should be worn in hand more than 8 hours every day to make up wind energy, but not absolute. The watch will not stop when it is worn on the hand to make energy every day include on holiday. The watch of which the people works on the office often stops because the wearer's physical activity itself is not enough to make enough energy for the wind in addition to the movement. You can use hand dial up the wound such as belongs to this reason.

Do you need to give the automatic watch to wind up manually ?

Automatic watch adds the auto parts which include automatic tourbillon and automatic whell based on the general watch hand dial chain .The automatic watch which we sell is on the stop states generally .You ask the salesman to help you on wound up firstly . As long as you wear it enough long every day , the automatic tourbillon can give the wind longer-lasting energy in order to make the automatic watch normal walking. We suggest that the automatic watch was wound up manually as little as possible . Because the manual wound up need handle drives many automatic wheel to rotate together . the automatic component is easy to wear and lead to make many customers add unnecessary maintenance costs.

Why the high-end watch marked with water-resistance will still be entered the water vapor?

In general, The water-resistant watch will also be entered the water vapor. If you take a bath with the watch , the water-resistant is invalid because the waterproof apron of watch will accelerate ageing by chemical cleaning agents erosion. In the rainy season, the air humidity is relatively high and the temperature change larger, such as Sauna room, air conditioning room and so on. These reason can cause the water into watch. The water-resistance will decreased gradually as the gradually aging of use of a rubber apron over time . Once you find the water enter the watch, you should be timely to the authorized repair station for processing, in order to avoid rusting parts and shorten the life of the watch.

Will the high-end watch be water-resistant when its cover is opened?

We know that the watch waterproof function mainly rely on the waterproof rubber which is fixed on the indirectly waterproof seal case formed with watch mirror, back cover and crown . But the waterproof aprons will be accelerated aging deformation if you often take the hot bath or sauna with watch. The factor such as high temperatures, acidic sweat, swimming pool chlorine and perfume etc. will affect hardening waterproof apron and degrade its water-resistant .According to experience, it is recommended that you'd better go to the authorized repair station to test the waterproof performance of your watch every 1-2 years.

The watch will be done waterpoof test after replacing the battery of Quartz watch , cleaning and refueling the mechanical watch. If the watch is detected not to be waterproof, the professional will test out which component is not waterproof and replace the new parts with it, so we can guarantee that it still has good waterproof properties after every the cover of water-resistant watch is opened.

Why does the quartz watch need to be replaced the battery?

The battery of Quartz watch has 1 to 2 years of life according to the different of the movement and its usage. High-grade three stitches quartz watch has prompt functions of which the batteries will run out. If the second hand beats anomaly , which every four seconds a jump, it reminds you need to replace the battery. if not timely replacement of batteries, it may cause battery leakage and damage to the internal parts of the watch . Some customers have several watches, they usually don't wear them in order to save power to pull out the watch crown to stop . Superficially, the watch don't go , but the battery continues to discharge . If not timely replacement, it can cause the excessive discharge of battery to leakage and to be also corrosion movement, the cost of maintenance will more expensive than the replacement of the battery.

Will the Sapphire crystal be scratched?

Sapphire crystal on the watch is not made of the natural sapphire but sapphire crystal block which is formed by fine alumina powder as raw material at the certain high temperature in the furnace after numerous process . It has resistance to abrasion and corrosion protective effect .The hardness of sapphire crystal is second only to diamond and equivalent to seven times of steel. But it does not mean that it will not be scratched .Sapphire crystal is not easy to wear rather than never worn. Special attention should be paid to the diamond, stone, sand, nail file, granite surface, concrete walls in order to avoid scratching the surface.

Why does the Quartz watch stop?

Please look at whether the crown is pulled out or not . Does the second hand hit the watch mirror ? The mirror on the watch will appear on a circle mark. Do three needles touch each other? Do the needles pass when they overlap each other . Finally, please ask professional to check whether the battery is running out.

Will the full steel strap appear rust or fade ?

There are many kinds of stainless steel, the main ingredients for the nickel and chromium, nickel, chromium and other elements are susceptible to acid alkali erosion. Human sweat contains hydrochloric acid. If the watch is often immersed by the sweat directly and the acid-base salt contamination accumulatio is not cleared up in time , the place such as strap will slowly rust spots and the wrist will appear black spots when the watch is worn. This is mainly because the element such as stainless steel containing nickel comes into contact with sweat in the body or vinegar, bleach, correction fluid, and other materials such as chemicals, chemical reagents, cosmetic. The general treatment is to dry the strap with a soft cloth after cleaning and brushing it lightly with a soft toothbrush , Or go to the brand authorized repair station for cleaning it with ultrasonic.

Why will two needle quartz watch often slow one minute?

Because the motor of two needle quartz watch mostly jumps once every twelve seconds, maybe the motor has not started when customer adjusts it, it will reflect that it is slower than the correct time one minute. If it is the above situation, please adjust the minute hand fast one minute.

How to solve mechanical watches on magnetic phenomena?

Once the magnetic watch will suddenly go very fast, even faster than 1-2 hours / day. Please pay attention to go away from magnetic fields when the mechanical watch is worn, such as stereos, televisions, mobile phones and other electrical appliances nearby. The magnetic is a kind of relatively common phenomenon, the solution is not difficult. The watch will be able to demagnetization ,just only to authorized repair department for demagnetization with special equipment for only 30 seconds.