The ticking time town -- La Chaux de fonds

La Chaux de fonds, this quiet small town located in the watch Valley - Jura Valley, quiet, serene that was identified as the world's best three classical music recording studio. La Chaux de fonds is famous in the world tabulation shrine. Matteo ,VANKOR watch founder, entered the local Arts and crafts school at the age of seventeen and accepted designer and sculptor training for his future to become an artist and craftsman , and he laid a good foundation for the famous watchmaker of the "new art movement"


The origin of The Vankor Watch

In nineteenth Century, the Swiss La Chaux de fonds created a winter legend of Vankor Watch at the silence of the valley in long winter. Rigorous craftsmen enjoyed the rhythm of time quietly in the complicated labors. After six months in the spring season, one after another of the "ticking" sound like insects of spring, melting ice of Lake Neuchatel.


Founder—Matteo ,with his genius imagine, not only created a miracle in the field of watches ,but also made a lot of watchmaking tools. These tools were used in the Vankor Manufacturer , often also provided for other brand manufactures.