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Miss model of the world

"Miss Model of the world" is one of the world-famous world women's professional competition, The Miss World competition, Miss Universe competition and it are called top three events on international beauty pageant.

Miss Model of the world" which was created by MR.SUHA • ALPAYLI in Turkey sincethe 1988 has been held 21 sessions successfully . In 21 years, more than 10000 professional models who are from nearly 70 countries and regions around the world attended the event. “Miss Model of the world” displays the diverse beauty of the world women , promotes the world peace , leads the fashion, and strengthens the cultural communication through the unique culture and the exotic display . It has won praise and added a link with cultural charm for the communication and friendship between the countries and regions of the world

On the 18th Miss Model of the World contest, the contestants who are from the 55 participating countries and regions took part in the competition and the scene audience watching live up to more than 5,000 people .It was tracked reports by Shenzhen satellite TV, CCTV "Variety Express" ,Phoenix TV and more than 70 foreign television stations . In this competition, the Chinese player song Di won the champion and the best national costume award . The runner up was Miss eliza coming from Ukraine.

Vankor watch supported fully and witnessed this event as a contest sponsor partner and the only watch brand. Winning contestants were also given Vankor watches for recognition of their outstanding performance and perfect achievement.