The basic value of VANKOR is responsible for the society and our planet. It is one of important pillars on the company development strategy. Long-term profitable growth is our goal, and the responsible for value creation pave the way for our success.

For us, Social responsibility means to conduct business on behalf of our offspring responsibly , and realize the common progress on economic, environment and society. We are a global business enterprise. We are a worldwide leader whether as an employer, investor or provider of innovative technology. We are trying to catch the unprecedented opportunity to promote the common progress for our customers and ourselves.


Social responsibility strategy and planning

As part of a sustainable development project, we are implementing the following measures:

• We are all in the field of business to promote the development of the environmental protection business portfolio, also set up to carry out the environmental protection business portfolio in the region branch, hoping to reach the company profit and win-win goal of greenhouse gas emissions through this portfolio.

• In order to minimize our carbon footprint, we are analyzing the energy efficiency which distributes more than 20 regional offices. If there is room for improvement , we will proceed with the reform to make our operations more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

• We are strengthening with various stakeholders in the sustainable development of communication and exchange. To this end, we established the Sustainable Development Advisory Committee to convene representatives from the global politics, science and business.