Richard Clayderman

The growth of genius


He began to study piano at 5 years old, and have been very skillful fingering smooth at age six. He was known as a genius and then entered the Paris National Conservatory . He began to play the music as composer at 16 years old , got the school music competition winner and graduated with honors. Clayderman has been being good at playing Chopin, Ravel, Debussy et al's works and became a rising star in the classical music industry. However, he accidentally became interested in popular music , decided to change direction in spite of opposition from the people around him. He began to cooperation with Michel • Shad , frequented the studio and met the French popular composer Olivier Toussaint. Clayderman won the appreciation of Olivier Toussaint because of his high skill on the piano and having a deep sense of music


In 1976,Clayderman scored for The TV series, completed the solo "For Elise" and then this song became the TV soundtrack. After broadcasting, TV hotlines were set up to cope with coming in a throng of advice. The customers crowded into Each CD stores for ordering this CD. The record companies have to add the 80000 album rapidly to meet the market demand. After spring into fame, his smooth gorgeous piano which is like a gust of whirlwind sweeping through the world spread from Scandinavian to South Africa , and also from Europe to other Asian countries. Since then, Clayderman has launched a large number of excellent works to further improve the visibility. Gorgeous tone, elegant melodies and handsome image is the unique style of clayderman piano music.

In 1990,On French television "90 star" award ,he won the only piano gold prize with the re-arrangement of the "For Elise".

In 1989,Clayderman co-operates with Orchestra of Las King.James on the music "the eternal sun on the clouds". Clayderman is a foreign artist who adapts and plays the most Chinese music currently in the world. He traveled to China more than 25 times, visiting more than 40 cities and The concerts reached more than 60 games and were all full.

In the second half of 1998,he launched the latest works "Oriental charm" and "the poetic sonata" which was wrote for China specially and cooperated with Chinese Small pianist named Shao Rong when he was 9 years old. In 2000, he adapted the song "I love Beijing tian an men" into modern piano music and made him more and more popular with Chinese audiences, enduring artistic vitality.

he held more than 2000 concerts and TV show in 60 countries between 1976 and 2004,has recorded about 900 Piano Sonatas (220 original),global music sale total more than ninety million pieces, and achieved 90 platinum , 290 gold records of success.

In 2004, for Clayderman's outstanding contribution to the Sino French cultural exchange and promotion of Chinese music , he was awarded the special award for outstanding performance and the best promotion award in the second session of the "China Top Ten selection activities of show events"

In China, Clayderman have many fans whose ages are quite wide. Elegant piano made a little conservative Chinese people found a romantic and not explicit beauty and cultivate a batch of "child" at the beginning of the reform and opening up. Clayderman also visited China frequently, and made several performances every year in China. When he could not visit China at the period of SARS, he recorded a special MTV--"to an angel poem" especially for Chinese medical workers to encourage them strive to overcome the current difficulties.


In 2012,Richard Clayderman signed as a new brand Ambassador of the global famous brand Swiss watch Vankor. Richard Clayderman will participate in various activities of Vankor watch as well as a brand ambassador , and he used to wear the Swiss Vankor series.



Artistic charm

Music is not only for people to listen, but also make people indulge in it. Although every people feel different, The starting point of music is to make people understand the music through their hearts, so that the music makes people feel happy and seek their beautiful dreams. The piano concert of Richard Clayderman was able to cause the sensation at first and be welcomed by the audience greatly, because it is to meet the people's psychology.

Richard Clayderman dissolves classical music and modern music into one on the basis of classical music. His music is simple, smooth, elegant, gorgeous and melodious melody chorus is concise, timbre, brilliant and full of poetic. The people who love to hear Richard Clayderman piano music will be brought unconsciously into warm, serene and happy world of music by him. The music sounds very beautiful, The phonology generated by the touch keys which is full of vigor and vitality is more loud and elastic. Bright brilliant sound quality is necessary to be a popular piano star . The style of Richard Clayderman is more attractive than his bright brilliant sound. The characteristic is that the sound melody improves octave and interval is in high range by the accompaniment of his left hand. In addition, he buried the sound in and played the chord. Usually the molody which is played so high in the range is very difficult to play, because the scope of performance is so narrow that the volume is not easy to expand. However he could struck up the beautiful melody in so high range and the music get the best effect in the gorgeous stereo.

Secondly, his piano performance method is very simple, subtle touch does not make people feel modification , but the direct expression of emotion. The serenity of music created emotional atmosphere. His piano skills are very orthodox. Touch keys are very clear and the increase and decrease of equilibrium volume are handled very skillfully and it is just perfect.

The repertoires played by Richard Clayderman are most music of Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint two composers who had wrote music for the hot singers and the films . Later, they wrote the music specially for him due to the appreciation of Richard's genius . His music is very easy to read , and rules are not complex. The rhythm is beat slow waltz system. Sometimes, according to the use of electronic organ music showed the light pleasure and fantasy impression , the charm of Richard Clayderman is revealed fully.

He was known as the "romantic piano prince" by the first lady Nancy Reagan. On his first visit to China in 1992, The transported music of his smooth ornate were sent directly to people's eyes and ears.In the past ten years, the "Piano Prince" is middle-aged now , but his tone is not old, is still so young,beautiful,so smooth,elegant and beautiful as spring. Romance is a kind of wonderful feelings, it is affectionate feeling like vernal pool rippling and is also the enchanting beauty and sorrow. It is the indifferent smile at the warm moment , and is also to look forward to gaze into the future . It is full of passion and dreams sounds which is sincere and moving for Richard Clayderman that it runs upon the mind of the audience.