Le bel artware permettent au corps entier de la vie dans le procédé de production d‘avoir la vigueur, permettent à l’artiste d‘avoir sa vie dedans parmi par l’appréciation.

-- Matteo



It is the beginning of a period of extraordinary experience for those familiar with Vankor watch of people who have owned it. It is the highest praise for us to aspire to make perfect watches.

Time is the most impartial referee. Vankor watch still stood in the core position of the kingdom of watches without fear of time transformation , although it have experienced the vicissitudes for 100 years. In fact, It is the most fortunate for people and brand that they can put their ideals into practical action and burst inspiration like lava and creativity . We are very proud of it. For Vankor which is such a small but relatively independent brand, We will continue to adhere to ourselves bravely towards the next century .

China is the most rapid development market in recent years, It was proved fully that we have forward-looking idea when we chose to enter it. And we look forward to your common experience the charm of Vankor watch.


Vankor watch’s founder - Matteo (1853—1922)
It is excellent of him that he determined the basic spirit of Vankor watch’s practical aesthetics, and he created a new world in the hustle and bustle of the watch market. His idea has still a strong sense of the time nowadays.


The second -generation descendant of Vankor Watch - Neta (1883 - 1965)
Vankor watch began the international process in his tenure . and they have spread over Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia.