Corporate Values

Firm, Applicable and beautiful

Since Mr. Matteo created VANKOR WATCH, we have seen the six words as our brand golden rules for long-term development. VANKOR WATCH has been Observing traditions as life for more than 100 years.

Firm - Our watches must go through tests strictly for best performance. We have cooperated with individuals and institutions in the global fields to help people coping with various challenges with reliable quality.

Applicable - our wrist watch must meet the diverse functional needs of people in order to handle a situation with ease in a variety of scenes.

Beautiful - our wrist watch must keep the perfect harmony on the vision.



As an intrinsic value of the Vankor dynasty, it is the guiding principle behind the company’s many activities.

Creativity is supported at various levels within the manufacture. In terms of production, this approach enables Vankor to adopt technical innovations and to manufacture movements with a multitude of complications. Aesthetic innovations also arise from this creative tendency, which ensure that the company remains avant-garde.



Passion is an essential ingredient in the alchemy that takes place between the various craftsmen capable of creating, producing and presenting our exceptional timepieces. Moreover, without the notion of sharing, can perfect passion exist?

Thus the employees, craftsmen and suppliers of Vankor, who impart their enthusiasm and share their passion, are the Brand’s most prized ambassadors.